Are Bees Safe?

We situate your hives in a safest possible location and ensure their entrance and exit points face in a direction where both yours and the bees interests are met.

Urban Hives is fully insured for personal liability and damage.

Thorough health and safety measures are taken at each step of your Urban Hive journey.

Bees aren't actually aggressive, so the chances of being stung are low. Your bees will be on a mission to collect pollen and nectar keep their colony thriving. They will not be thinking of you at all.

Placement of Hives/Locations

Bee Hives are only about the size of a small fridge and so require a surprisingly small amount of space. We also don't need lots of room to inspect them either. We do need to be able to gain weekly access to the hives so rooftops, gardens, courtyards and fields are all perfect. When you book your initial consultation with us we can work with you to find the perfect spot. If you don't have the perfect spot you can also sponsor a hive at a local school or apiary and still reap the benefits for your business.